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The Shire


ArwenNach gwannatha sin? Ma nathach hi gwannathach or minuial archened? (Is this how you would take your leave? Did you think you could slip away at first light — unnoticed?)
Aragorn: Ú-ethelithon. (I will not be coming back.)
ArwenEstelio guru lîn ne dagor. Ethelithach. (You underestimate your skill in battle. You will come back.)
AragornÚ-bedin o gurth ne dagor. (It is not of death in battle that I speak.)
Arwen: O man pedich? (What do you speak of?)
AragornEdra le men, men na guil edwen, haer o auth a nîr a naeth. (You have a chance for another life, away from war, grief, despair.)
Arwen: Why are you saying this?
Aragorn: I am mortal. You are elfkind. It was a dream Arwen, nothing more.
Arwen: I don’t believe you.
[Aragorn holds open his hand, revealing Arwen’s Evenstar.]
Aragorn: This belongs to you.
[Arwen closes Aragorn’s hand around the jewel.]
Arwen: It was a gift. Keep it.


Frodo: “What’s in this?”

Sam: “Nothing. Just a bit of seasonin’. I thought maybe if we was having a roast chicken one night or somethin’.”

Frodo: “Roast chicken?”

Sam: “You never know.”

Frodo: “Sam! My dear Sam.”

Sam: “It’s very special, that. It’s the best salt in all the Shire.”

Frodo: “It is special. It’s a little bit of home.”

“There is only one Lord of the Ring, only one who can bend it to his will. And he does not share power.”

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